First Test Kit for EHEC Screening Combined with O104:H4 Differentiation

GeneGen EHECplus
With GeneGen® EHECplus, SY-LAB Geraete GmbH. offers the first test kit capable of EHEC screening together with differentiation of the actual strain involved in the recent German outbreak.

Within just a few weeks of the O104 outbreak, the molecular biologists of SY-LAB have added two genes to the already available GeneGen ® EHEC test kit to adapt it for use in the differentiation of the new German outbreak isolate of the serotype 0104:H4.

The new test kit uses a Multiplex PCR assay to detect 6 specific EHEC-Genes (slt1, slt2, rfb, eae, iha, flicH4) of which 3 gene products (slt2, iha, flicH4) are typical for O104:H4.
Detection of the PCR products is based on a simplified hybridization protocol followed by enzymatic detection as discrete reaction bands on nitrocellulose strips. Results are available within 4 hours after enrichment is complete. The assay can be used to test foods and fecal samples. For the latter application a fecal enrichment and extraction kit is provided.

Any of the known verotoxin producing enterohaemorrhagic E.coli strains will be reliably detected using this new test kit. Furthermore, the selection of the genes detected with the assay will meet the recommendations of the German Robert Koch Institute for the diagnostic differentiation of patients with suspicious infections.

GeneGen®-EHECplus is the ideal tool for preventive screening in routine food testing labs to ensure optimum protection of consumers , to avoid future outbreaks as well as to monitor the actual outbreak in Germany. GeneGen®-EHECplus maximizes the amount of information that can be obtained from a single diagnostic test within less than 24 hrs. total test time.

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Posted on June 27, 2011