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Strategic Diagnostics Acquires Proprietary Media from Molecular Circuitry

Strategic Diagnostics Inc., a leading provider of antibody products and analytical test kits for the food safety and water quality markets, has acquired certain technologies from Molecular Circuitry Inc.

The purchased assets consist primarily of various proprietary media technology that will be used in combination with SDI's new diagnostic tests for food-borne pathogens, including Salmonella and E. coli.

The Company believes that the proprietary media, trademarked RapidChek® Media and Chromagenic Media™, offer the best commercially available combination of test specificity and speed.

Richard C. Birkmeyer, President and CEO of SDI, explained that all diagnostic tests for food pathogens require an enrichment of bacteria on media to be detected. The RapidChek® media allows this enrichment to be performed in eight hours, with negative selectivity to other bacteria.

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Source : Strategic Diagnostics Inc. [USA]
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Posted on July 18, 2002