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New Generation Manual Pipette with Innovative Real-Time Sensing Technology

Rainin, a Mettler Toledo company, has launched the E-Man Hybrid, a new generation pipette offering high performance, durability and ergonomics.

The E-Man Hybrid incorporates the operational simplicity of a manual pipette with innovative real-time sensing technology. Rainin´s E-Man Hybrid allows for real-time monitoring of the position of the piston and the amount of liquid dispensed. With continuous volume tracking in place, this pipette offers great value for titration and partial dispensing, as well as for measuring aspirated fluids.

With built-in GMP/GLP functions, such as saved calibration and service alerts, Rainin´s E-Man Hybrid is designed to guarantee optimal performance and to fulfill even the most stringent regulatory requirements. Precision is increased with this new pipette, as a visual alert indicates inadequately executed pipetting cycles. Of course, this also aids users in practicing a perfect pipetting technique.

The E-Man Hybrid is designed with ergonomic benefits in mind. Featuring the LTS Lite-Touch-System, the product´s great feel, light weight and low forces allow for it to be hand-friendly, while consistently delivering results. Thus, for ultimate comfort and performance, the E-Man Hybrid is the future of manual pipetting.

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Posted on January 6, 2009