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CE Marking for MycAssay™ Aspergillus for Serum

Myconostica Ltd, UK-based medical diagnostic company developing and commercialising rapid and highly specific tests for life-threatening fungal infections, now have CE marking for its lead product MycAssay™ Aspergillus for detection of Aspergillus DNA in serum.

The CE marking is in addition to the existing CE marking for respiratory samples means, that MycAssay™Aspergillus is now CE marked for all major sample types.

MycAssay™ Aspergillus is a molecular diagnostic test for the detection of Aspergillus spp DNA. The kit is designed to be used by qualified laboratory professionals; the results provided by MycAssay™ Aspergillus aid physicians to make a diagnosis in patients suspected of having an infection caused by Aspergillus. It provides rapid and accurate results to physicians, enabling appropriate drug treatments to be administered thereby improving patient outcomes.

Dr. John Thornback, Myconostica's Chief Business Officer, said: 'It is becoming increasingly recognised that Aspergillus DNA is present in serum and its measurement can be important in aiding the diagnosis of Aspergillus infections. There are a number of different high risk patient groups for whom it is difficult to obtain respiratory samples. The CE marking of MycAssay™ Aspergillus for serum now enables serum samples from these at risk patients to be tested using a fully validated assay.

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Posted on September 6, 2010