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New Additional Serotypes added to Premi®Test Salmonella!

Premi®Test Salmonella, the rapid serotyping test from DSM has extended the range of serotypes in the database: Banana, Paratyphi C, Corvallis, Stourbridge, Regent, Orion, Idakan and Napoli, and also Bongori and 'non enterica subspecies' can now be identified. This brings the Premi®Test Salmonella identification range up to 100 serotypes!

The work is a result of close cooperation with the AFSSA, the French Reference Laboratory (AFSSA-Maisons Alfort), which performed the trials for the OIE-validation.

The Premi®Test Salmonella is designed for rapid (molecular) confirmation and serotyping of presumptive Salmonella spp. It is easy to perform for routine use and results can be obtained within 1 working day.

There are four major steps in the test process
  • Initial sampling of the Salmonella.

  • A simple lysis process, using a heated block.

  • DNA recognition: A simple three-step process that uses PCR to recognize and amplify the specific DNA sequences in the Salmonella samples.

  • Detection of specific DNA sequences using a micro array, which are then translated into specific Salmonella serotypes.
A new spec sheet and list of the new serotypes identified by the Premi®Test Salmonella is now available, please email for your copy to or you can download it from the DSM website .

NOTE: This item is from our 'historic' database and may contain information which is not up to date.

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Posted on December 7, 2009