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What's In Your Freezer? - Freezerbondz Labels Stick to Frozen Vials

Brady Freezerbondz labels overcome the virtually impossible task of labelling already frozen samples. Gone are the days where a sample needs to be thawed before a tracking and identification label can be applied. Now with Freezerbondz labels, you can quickly and easily identify samples in their frozen state.

The specially formulated permanent adhesive on Freezerbondz labels will stick and stay to samples that are taken from a cryogenically frozen state to a hot water bath without the loss of any sample information. As well as staying power Freezerbondz also withstand contact with chemicals such as DMSP and Xylene.

  • Easy to identify frosted, frozen, or room temperature samples without the need to overlap the label

  • Superb resilience in common laboratory environments such as liquid nitrogen -196ºC,

  • Freezer -80ºC, Autoclave, 100ºC, hot water and room temperature baths.

  • Extreme chemical resistance

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Especially designed for use on curved surfaces

  • Easy to handle and remove from the liner

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Posted on October 23, 2008