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IdentiLab™ Label Creation Software for Easier Lab Labelling

IdentiLab™ label creation software from Brady Corporation takes all the effort out of producing labels for use in the laboratory. It is well established that printed labels reduce errors, are more secure, and are easier to read than any hand marking. The IdentiLab software was designed to make it quick and easy to create legible, durable and accurate laboratory-specific labels.

Easy-to-use wizards mean that a new label can be created in only three simple steps: First, choose the application from the screen, for example vials, bottles, tubes, slides, straws, well plates, etc. Second, from the list of labels available for this application, choose the best type for the environment, for example liquid nitrogen storage or solvent resistance. Third, enter the data and print multiple labels!

IdentiLab has many features for more advanced applications. Linear and 2-dimensional barcodes, with all their added security and reduction of errors, are fully supported. Sample numbers can be entered manually or sequenced automatically. Alternatively, label information can be imported direct from a database, another way of reducing errors. An extensive library of commonly used laboratory symbols is provided. Labels can be fully customised to suit specific needs and stored as templates for later use.

IdentiLab is compatible with a variety of inkjet and laser printers including of course Brady´s own range of purpose-designed label printers. Notable among these is the revolutionary new IP™ series, a thermal transfer printing system that adds another level of protection against illegible or impermanent labelling by safeguarding against an incorrect combination of label material and ink.

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Posted on June 25, 2008