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A Comprehensive Solution to Lab Sample Inventory

Newly released versions of Brady Corporation’s Pro-curo sample inventory software provide a complete solution to keeping track of laboratory samples. A traceable sample storage system is a benefit in any laboratory, but in some situations, as when human tissue samples are stored under HTA rules for purposes such as research, transplantation or teaching, it is required by law. A major advantage of Pro-curo is that it is not limited to operation via a desktop PC, as the system can also be used with Brady’s portable PDA style Barcode terminals. Staff can accurately record sample movements anywhere in the lab with a simple barcode scan instead of carrying around hand-written records.

Pro-curo uses a familiar user interface based on MS Explorer to provide easy-access "cradle-to-grave" traceability of every event in a sample’s history. Sample records can be set up using pre-formatted data fields to record essential information about the sample, and up to 20 user-defined fields for additional data. Once a record is created it can never be permanently deleted – when a sample is marked for disposal, its data is simply moved to a “disposed of” location, where its data cannot be changed, but its history is still available. Samples can be booked into or out of the system or moved from location to location by users with the appropriate authority - full access control is provided. The flexibility of the system also allows normal laboratory activities like subdividing samples to be recorded. Pro-curo is fully FDA CFR 21 part 11 compliant and has advanced security features to ensure 100% data security.

Pro-curo is seamlessly integrated into the Brady labelling system. Labels can be designed within the Pro-curo system with various text, graphical and bar-code options and printed out for application directly to the sample. A huge range of label products is available to suit any laboratory situation - labels for most commonly used laboratory consumables –slides, well plates, vials, "straws", centrifuge tubes, flasks and many others. There are self-laminating labels that will survive freezing (in liquid nitrogen!), autoclaving, and solvents like xylene and ethanol. Brady’s unique Freezerbondz™ labels can be applied directly to frozen surfaces with guarantees on adhesion and long-term legibility.

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Posted on December 14, 2007