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Intelligent Printer for More Secure Laboratory Labelling

The Brady IP™ Series Printer System is a revolutionary thermal transfer printing system that safeguards against illegible or impermanent labelling by ensuring that the correct combination of label material and ink is used every time.

Up to 72 different combinations of ink and label material are available from Brady to suit virtually any harsh laboratory environment, but choosing the right one is essential for maximum durability, permanence and legibility. With the IP printer, this is done automatically. The printer is pre-programmed with all the recommended combinations of label material and ink ribbon, and uses bi-directional smart cell technology to recognise that the right media have been installed. It then automatically optimises printing parameters to suit the media in use to ensure maximum clarity, permanence and printing efficiency. All that is then necessary is to press the 'print' button to generate optimally printed labels for the specific application.

With the Brady IP Printer System, positive sample identification and traceability are improved, waste is minimised and setup time reduced .to about one third of that required for a conventional printer.

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Posted on September 4, 2009