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Revolutionary Intelligent Printer Series for all Laboratories

The Brady IP™ Series Printer System is a revolutionary new thermal transfer printing system that safeguards against illegible or impermanent labelling due to an incorrect combination of label material and ink. It will have real benefits in any laboratory or medical application that requires positive sample identification and traceability, and where a variety of procedures is in use.

The need to withstand extremes of temperature or chemical attack makes choosing the right label and print ribbon vital. Brady has up to 72 different combinations to suit the harshest environment. The IP enabled printer materials have been specifically chosen for challenging applications in the laboratory environment. Printing high quality, long lasting identification is as easy as Load, Click, Print!

  • New operator, new materials…no problem

  • Minimal material waste - Displays correct material and ribbon match…Print right the first time

  • No more manual printer set-up or formatting of materials

  • Reduced set up time when changing materials - just open the label template, even custom labels are created

  • Hassle-free printing. Load, Click, Print…it's that easy!

Brady's IP™ Printing System offers effortless and hassle-free printing. The system provides assured print durability, low installation costs and reduced waste.

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Posted on February 25, 2009