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New DNA Quality Control Standard in Liquid Vial Format

Starna has introduced a new DNA Quality Control Standard in an easy-to-use liquid vial (1.5 ml) that provides Starna´s DNACON 260/280 reference material in a consumable format suitable for use in ‘drop technology´ systems.

The vial is produced in an ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 accredited environment and provides a NIST Traceable Quality Control standard to enable quick and reliable quality assurance of the DNA 260/280 nm measurement process.

The concentration is matched for use with the ultra-low (less than 5µl) and short path length (1 mm) volume measurement systems now available from several vendors. The Starna DNACON 260/280 Quality Control Standard is ideal for performing DNA purity evaluations in clinical and bioscience laboratories.

The new Starna DNACON 260/280 Quality Control Standard mimics the spectral characteristics of DNA solutions with respect to the 260/280 nm ratio. The reference material used by Starna is stable and durable because it is not DNA and overcomes the problem of DNA solutions being inherently unstable.

DNA based QC materials for routine use are not a viable proposition for process verification, as the chemistry of molecular and microbiological organic substances is complicated and the materials themselves are often difficult to characterize, handle, package, store and certify. The stability of DNA materials is always questionable because changes are constantly occurring within the materials themselves.

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Posted on October 3, 2008

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