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New E-WorkBook Suite Released

IDBS, provider of data management, analysis and decision support software, has announced the release of E-WorkBook Suite 7.1. E-WorkBook is a compliant, secure and extensible electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) designed for research scientists of any discipline.

Adopted by 200 additional users in over ten research organizations since the previous version 7.0 was released in May 2007, IDBS’ E-WorkBook Suite has a diverse customer base now estimated at over 3,500 users globally.

Comprised of E-WorkBook, BioBook and ChemBook, E-WorkBook Suite allows greater productivity for research scientists by automating data capture and storage. E-WorkBook Suite supports the capture of corporate data, information and knowledge in one secure infrastructure, promoting regulatory compliance and increasing organizational efficiency.

Combined with specific functionality requested by current users, E-WorkBook Suite 7.1 offers greater search flexibility and enhanced graphing and charting within the BioBook module. Furthermore, additional integration points and web services included in version 7.1 allow organizations to automate the exchange of any data both to and from other systems. In addition, E-WorkBook Suite 7.1 now allows digital signatures to be applied to PDFs and provides associated taskflow support for this process, thereby extending its industry-standard IP protection.

Neil Kipling, founder and CEO of IDBS, commented: “IDBS is more than just an ELN provider. Our expertise in data management and our partnership approach to our customers have made E-WorkBook the first ELN that can be applied as a generic data management framework while also providing discipline-specific support, enabling scientists to extract maximum value from their data.” He added: “This latest release reflects our continued commitment to our customers. The standard solution that IDBS delivers exceeds the expectations and requirements expressed by the industry, further consolidating our position as the leading biology ELN provider.”

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Posted on October 22, 2007

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