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ElutraSep Concentration Modules Improve Coliform Recovery from Water Samples

ElutraSep technology is based upon specially designed filtration modules that are capable of concentrating fluid samples by up to 100,000 times.

A recent research publication included ElutraSep modules for improvement to existing coliform tests. These tests concentrated spiked 5 & 10 liter volumes of finished drinking water and in nearly all instances recovered 100% of the spiked organisms (recoveries were better than 1 cfu per liter). The concentrated organisms from 5 & 10 liters were simply flushed into the existing 100 millilitre sample bottle for enrichment. This research clearly shows that concentrating larger volumes greatly improves detection sensitivity.

Additionally, water quality managers can utilize this concentration technology for PCR based detections during water line breaks to reduce the duration of boil water alerts. Concentrated organisms can be extracted from the module with as little as 0.2 milliliters. This extremely low elution volume allows for the entire concentrated sample to be processed.

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Posted on November 19, 2007