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ElutraSep, Inc. Announces New Technology For Ultra-pure Water Management

Ultra-pure water within Microelectronics & Pharmaceutical manufacturing require 100's of tests per day to maintain sterile process conditions. These manufacturing processes require constant microbial monitoring to prevent costly product contamination.

ElutraSep Modules can continuously sample from the ultra-pure process stream. Utilizing hollow fiber modules, large volumes of water can be filtered to concentrate microorganisms. Once filtration is complete, microbes can be eluted from the module and placed into traditional detection platforms. This continuous sampling ability eliminates the need for hundreds of "grab sample" tests and provides an increased level of sample volume and detection sensitivity.

Multiple "Grab Sample" testing conducted during a manufacturing process is an attempt to provide a better picture of microbial contamination. A continuous stream (50-400 milliliters per minute) through ElutraSep Modules can provide a composite sample.

Microbes eluted from ElutraSep modules can contain microorganisms from up to 100 liters of sample sources. This extremely high level of microbial concentration can provide enough of the target organisms to trigger presence or absence detection platforms (such as ATP or Lateral Flow) without time-consuming enrichment.

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Posted on May 28, 2007