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New Product From Elutrasep Concentrates Microorganisms for Improved Detection

Elutrasep provides a new product for the up-concentration of microorganisms for detection. Utilizing hollow fiber modules, large volumes of water can be filtered to concentrate microorganisms. Once filtration is complete, microbes can be eluted from the module and placed into traditional detection platforms.

Our technology offers the following benefits over flatbed membranes:

  • Increased Filtration Speed
  • Increased Filtration Capacity
  • Increased Microbial Recoveries
  • Reduction of False Negative Test Results
  • Ability to Sample High Solids Water Sources
  • Dramatically Reduced Time to Detection
  • Elimination of Centrifugation
  • Simple elution procedure
  • Reduction in cross contamination

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Posted on April 25, 2007