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Simultaneous Biochip Screening for 12 Antibiotics

Randox Laboratories has produced a biochip screening test to detect sulphonamide antibiotic drug residues in meat, honey, feed and livestock. The anti-microbial array from Randox simultaneously and quantitatively measures 12 different antibiotics in a single sample.

Randoxs anti-microbial array utilises a biochip containing an array of immobilised antibodies, each specific to a different antibiotic. The biochip simultaneously tests for 12 sulphonamide antibiotics in just 50 microlitres of urine or one gram of tissue, honey or feed. Simple sample preparation procedures and simultaneous testing enable a rapid throughput with minimum effort 540 tests in under 2 hours. The Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) is the maximum level of drug residue that is permitted in food. The EU has assigned an MRL of 100 ppb for all sulphonamide drugs. The anti-microbial array has sensitivities below 10 ppb for each sulphonamide, more than adequate for drug residue screening. Positive samples are retested using a confirmatory method such as HPLC or LC-MS.

The anti-microbial array is a rapid and sensitive quantitative screening test for sulphonamide antibiotic drug residues. The array is complemented by Randoxs growth promoter array, a comprehensive screening biochip containing nine growth promoter assays including beta-agonists, corticosteroids and stilbenes.

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Posted on February 8, 2008