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bioMérieux/ LabTech Systems License Agreement for Innovative Robotic Plate Streaker

LabTech Systems Ltd, an Australian health care equipment and services company, and bioMérieux, have signed an exclusive worldwide license agreement for LabTech Systems’ automated pre-poured media (PPM) streaker known as MicroStreak®.

The fully automated pre-poured media (PPM) streaker is an innovative, patented robotic system for the automation of routine agar plate processing undertaken in microbiology laboratories. This pre-analytical phase still remains manual and time-consuming in most laboratories worldwide. In the current trend of laboratory concentration, there is strong demand for automation that can standardize processes and provide traceability, timesaving and optimized workflow, as well as improved safety.

LabTech Systems’ patented robotic instrument, which provides a solution at this early stage of the microbiology process, has major synergies with bioMérieux’s pre-poured media range. It also enhances bioMérieux’s current portfolio of automated solutions including BacT/ALERT® for blood culture, VITEK® 2 for identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing and DiversiLab® for microbial typing.

The initial launch of the system is planned for the first half of 2008 followed by a full commercial launch in the second semester of 2008. It will be sold under the bioMérieux name and trademarks worldwide and on an exclusive basis. These technologies will be further developed by LabTech Systems for and on behalf of bioMérieux, through LabTech’s specialized sub-contractors.

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Posted on April 23, 2007