SmartGene, Inc. and LabCorp Collaborate on Fast, Precise Microbial Identification

SmartGene, Inc., a provider of novel services for the management and analysis of genetic data, have entered into a strategic collaboration with Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp®)

LabCorp will use SmartGene's advanced technology and integrated Web-based services to support more rapid and precise identification of bacterial and fungal pathogens.

For those organisms that do not grow quickly or well enough in culture to enable accurate identification using conventional microbiology techniques, identification based on gene sequencing is often faster and more reliable.

SmartGene's technology facilitates efficient identification, following the sequencing of specific portions of an organism's DNA, by integrating a number of tasks, including sequence proofreading, alignment, interpretation, creation of phylogenetic trees and reports. DNA sequences are interrogated using SmartGene's constantly updated reference databases, which take account of newly characterized and emerging pathogens.

SmartGene's databases are constructed using proprietary algorithms to extract and filter useful sequences from vast public repositories, and are complemented by additional private, curated reference databases. SmartGene's technology allows its customers to manage and more fully utilize their genetic sequence data over time, completely independent of laboratory instrumentation and reagent systems.

"The SmartGene technology employs an enriched database that is regularly refreshed with current information, creating a helpful laboratory tool enabling more rapid and accurate identification of clinically-relevant pathogens," said Myla P. Lai-Goldman, MD, Executive Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer and Medical Director for LabCorp.

"We are delighted to have LabCorp in the vanguard of early adopters of our technology in North America, said David Ellis, President of SmartGene, Inc. "LabCorp is well known for its commitment to provide access to new diagnostic technologies that improve patient care and we shall continue to benefit from the expertise of LabCorp's scientists as we develop our additional services."

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Posted on February 26, 2007