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Scie-Plas Puts a New Spin on Mini Centrifuges

Scie-Plas has launched the company's first mini centrifuge - a compact, economical model which comes with three different rotors for use in a wide range of bioscience research applications.

Designed with a small footprint to fit easily even where space is limited, the Scie-Plas Mini Centrifuge is very easy to use. An on/off switch enables the lid to be closed without starting the unit and when the lid is opened, the centrifuge stops automatically.

For added value and versatility, the Scie-Plas Mini Centrifuge includes three rotors: a 6-place rotor for 1.5ml tubes, a 0.2ml PCR strip rotor, and a 1' x 3' slide rotor. A maximum speed of 6,000rpm / 2,000 x g is perfect for quickly spinning down samples, in micro gel filtration applications and for micro-volume centrifugation.

John Attwood, Scie-Plas Director of Sales and Marketing said, 'The Mini Centrifuge has been developed to complement our wide range of electrophoresis reagents, buffers and equipment, from transilluminators and blotting units to gel documentation systems. Scie-Plas aims to provide products which fully satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers and the new Mini Centrifuge is a highly versatile sample preparation tool for every laboratory bench.'

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Posted on September 13, 2010