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Gel Images Instantly Printed or Saved Using VISION Imaging System

VISION, a compact imaging system for gel documentation from Scie-Plas, incorporates the latest image storage technology as well as Syngene’s powerful GeneTools software. Gel images can be instantly printed or saved to a USB memory device for archiving and further processing.

VISION’s self-contained, microprocessor-controlled darkroom accommodates any mini benchtop transilluminator. Real-time images are captured with an 8-bit, 768 x 582 pixel camera and saved in TIFF or BMP format for download to a PC or Mac. Optional interchangeable filters and a white light or blue light converter extend the VISION system’s versatility.

A built-in compact flash drive allows rapid image saving and software upgrades. VISION comes complete with GeneTools software for accurate, automatic analysis of a wide range of gel media in a matter of seconds. Simple, single-button control is provided for most functions and there are extensive reporting options.

According to Dick Barker, Scie-Plas Chairman, "VISION is very simple to use and captures images of electrophoresis gels stained with any of 15 or more different fluorescent dyes. The Scie-Plas technical support team provides advice on optimal use of new imaging dyes as they become available. VISION also enables images from a range of other samples, including agar plates, autoradiographs, TLC plates and DNA or protein macroarrays to be viewed and captured."

The Scie-Plas 'Green Range' of electrophoresis products has been designed by scientists for scientists over a period of more than twenty years. Scie-Plas is constantly incorporating new ideas into its products, ideas of both researchers and manufacturing engineers. The result is a range of electrophoresis products which are not only user-friendly but also safe. All Scie-Plas products are manufactured to the latest CE safety standards and carry the CE logo of compliance.

The product range includes Horizontal and Vertical Gel Tanks, Blotters, Gel Dryers, Power Supplies, PCR Sterilisation Cabinets, a Gel Documentation System and an Isoelectric Focusing Unit which can run both SERVA pre-cast gels IEF gels and IPG strips that are also available through Scie-Plas.

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Posted on October 13, 2006