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DuPont Nutrition & Health BAX® System Vibrio Assay Certified by AOAC

BAX PCR assay for Vibrios
The AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI) in Gaithersburg, Md., has recently certified the BAX® system from DuPont Nutrition & Health as a Performance TestedSM Method for detecting Vibrio in many types of seafood.

Validation studies compared the BAX® system 20-hour assay to traditional culture methods, which typically take 3-5 days for results. Tested on shrimp, tuna, oysters and scallops, the BAX® system reliably detected three pathogenic species of Vibrio-V. cholerae, V. parahaemolyticus and V. vulnificus - even at very low levels.
'The BAX® system now offers a suite of assays certified by AOAC-RI for detecting the most common pathogens of concern to the seafood industry,' said Michael Chong, Asia Pacific business manager - DuPont Nutrition & Health. 'Single-platform testing and fast results are a winning combination for customers who want to optimize inventory, reduce storage costs, and ship quickly.'

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Posted on May 21, 2009