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Introduction to Molecular Sepsis Diagnostics - New Brochure from Molzym

Molecular Sepsis Diagnostics has been shown to be a useful tool for a successful sepsis therapy.

SepsiTest™ Blood is the solution for routine sepsis diagnosis. SepsiTest™ Blood combines all advantages of molecular biology for reliable pathogen detection in blood and other body fluids.

These are the SepsiTest™ Blood key characteristics:
  • Unparalleled Sensitivity and Clinical Relevance
  • Straightforward Hands-on time (45 minutes)
  • Fast Results (4h)
  • No extra Equipment needed
  • And: Even the price is suitable for everyday use
SepsiTest™ Blood - Supporting early Sepsis diagnosis! New Brochure ('Introduction to Molecular Sepsis Diagnostics'): Order your FREE copy using the request more information option below.

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Posted on June 16, 2008