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Cryodos Bench Top Lab Freeze Dryer - Robust and Simple to Use

The Cryodos bench top laboratory freeze dryer, the latest in bench top freeze dryers, has been introduced by Progen Scientific.

The Cryodos laboratory freeze dryer has been specially developed for use in research and biotechnology institutes. Constructed according to GLP requirements the unit is robust, simple to use and low maintenance. The unit is available as two models (-50C and -80C) with a range of accessories.The table top unit houses the refrigeration system and there is a sturdy, dual stage vacuum pump included.

The Cryodos packs a host of features including:.
Two stage vacuum pump supplied with gas ballast and oil mist filter to remove water vapour and other condensibles.
Air cooled hermetically sealed refrigeration system with ozone friendly refrigerant.
Condenser made with co-axial coil inside a drum manifold.
A transparent acrylic lid allows the ice forming process to be viewed.

Supplied ready to work with different accessories such as a manifold with eight 18mm diameter rubber valves allowing several accessories (eg flasks or vials) to be connected as required by the user to provide simultaneous freeze drying.

Raw materials such as soils can be accommodated with the three shelf, 200mm chamber.

Microprocessor control provides direct read out to a digital screen of condenser and vacuum temperatures through all stages of the freeze-drying cycle.
Dual compressor on the -80C model.
Compact size (660x730x700mm).
Single phase 230V, 50-60Hz, 1 -1.5KW power.
Accessories for the Cryodos include:.
Glass cylindrical stoppering chamber with three non thermostatised shelves and manual vial closing device.
Includes three trays for vials and serum bottles.
Chamber with three shelves and three trays for vials, serum bottles and raw material such as soils.
40 port manifold with 13mm outer diameter manifold for direct drying of products in small glass tubes.
Adaptor plate for manifolds; required to place manifolds on base unit.
In factory option of a vacuum pump specially designed for corrosive products.

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Posted on October 2, 2006