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Reduce Lab Service Costs by 20 per cent

Pharmaceutical and biotech firms now have access to a unique, scientific asset services offering from GE Healthcare that can reduce their total service costs by up to 20 percent and optimize their service operations. Called Scientific Asset Services, GE provides R&D labs with single service coverage and advanced tracking technology of assets that are manufactured by a variety of companies.

By working with one service provider – instead of with perhaps up to 100 – lab managers greatly simplify their service operations and enable their staffs to focus on the core business. Furthermore, proprietary GE technologies help them track maintenance costs in detail, fine-tune service practices, and support sound equipment purchasing and replacement decisions. Technologies include:

  • AssetPlus™ asset and maintenance management, which records maintenance activity, condition, operating history, and other data from all devices on a single database, enabling easy access to key management metrics.
  • IntelliMotion® asset tracking, which uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) to monitor the location and maintenance status of individual devices.
  • BioInSite™ remote monitoring, by which GE tracks equipment over secure broadband connections, detecting and often fixing issues without a service technician visit.

Devices covered under the service agreements can include laboratory equipment such as balances, spectrophotometers, pH meters and centrifuges; analytical instruments like gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers and liquid scintillation counters, highly specialized R&D systems and laboratory automation systems.

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Posted on April 22, 2006