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Thermal and Gradient Thermal Cyclers for Maximum Flexibility

A range of cost-effective and easy-to-use thermal and gradient thermal cyclers have recently been added to the expanding range of laboratory products offered by Cleaver Scientific. CSL thermal and gradient thermal cyclers offer users the combination of outstanding flexibility and ease-of-use thanks to a host of standard features, yet they are competitively priced and compact so will suit most laboratories and most budgets.

They incorporate a very large easy-to-view control panel for intuitive, simple touch-screen programming of the entire protocol. The multiple programme options and reaction formats ensure excellent flexibility across a range of thermal cycling reactions and applications. Other features and benefits include heated lids, motorized on the gradient options, which effectively seal and reduce condensation in the sample vessel, while their compact design means they occupy a small footprint and so minimising the valuable bench space taken up in the busy laboratory.

The gradient model has four quick-change block options for 0.2ml or 0.5ml tubes, 96 or 384 well plates and slides. The TC32/80 is the most economical non-gradient model for when microplates or gradient are not required. The TC32/80 includes a combi block for 0.2ml and 0.5ml tubes.

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Posted on January 23, 2008