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Competitively Priced Electrophoresis Units are More Robust

Easy-to-use, quick to set-up and capable of high quality, rapid and reliable sample resolution, these are the important features of a new range of injection moulded electrophoresis products, introduced by Cleaver Scientific.

The Cleaver range comprises horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis units, blotting units, comet assay and cellulose acetate systems, IEF systems, power supplies, DNA sequencers and gel documentation systems for DNA, RNA agarose gel electrophoresis, protein separations and analysis.

Cleaver offer five different horizontal units in their multiSUB™ range, and unlike other electrophoresis units, they benefit from an injection moulded construction which provides a range of important benefits to the user. For example, a stronger, more durable high quality finish to better withstand the demands of the modern laboratory,yet they are lightweight, leak-proof and more competitively priced as a result of lower manufacturing costs.

MultiSUB units offer researchers a greater variety of choice and flexibility for horizontal gel electrophoresis with more gel size and comb options. For example, each of the five units provide at least two choices of tray, while the three largest units have a choice of three. The mid-sized multiSUB unit offers an impressive 52 different off-the-shelf comb options, 20 of which are multi-channel pipette compatible. All the comb options are colour coded for easy identification, they are height adjustable and warp proof.

Two types of viewing guide are included, helping researchers when they come to load their samples. In addition reversible combs are available complete with well-loading guide which help to channel the pipette tip into the well. Other features and benefits of MultiSUB units include rapid set-up leak-proof gel casting using end dams which fit over the entire end of the tray and easy-to-replace cassette electrodes which eliminate the need for time consuming rewiring.

Additional accessories offered include direct cooling packs to enhance resolution and allow faster run times, buffer saver blocks, fluorescent rulers and gel leveling casters for perfectly level gels.

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Posted on March 31, 2006