Olympus Digital Microscope Camera Range Offers Flexibility for any Application

The wide variety of high-performance, easy-to-use digital camera systems from Olympus offers users a specialised solution for any demanding life science and industrial microscopy imaging application. Each Olympus camera system has been integrated with state-of-the-art technologies, which allows users to achieve excellent image quality as seen through the microscope eyepieces.

The Olympus digital camera range for microscopy offers outstanding, high-quality imaging systems for all life and materials science procedures, from pathological examination to inspection of electronic parts and industrial materials. Whether users need true colour fidelity, high-resolution capabilities, pixel-precise black & white capture or the versatility to image in both colour and monochrome, there is a dedicated Olympus digital camera for their requirements.

Perfect Colour
For high-quality colour reproduction and resolution, the Olympus range includes the DP20, DP25, ColorView I, II and IIIu, ColorCube CC-12 and the ALTRA20. In addition to high-resolution, these high performance cameras offer a wide variety of features and superior technologies, such as ultra-fast frame rates, ICC profiles for colour fidelity, and up to three pixel binning levels. These features mean that all Olympus digital colour camera systems provide outstanding quality and enable real-time true colour reproduction. In addition, they are excellent for both brightfield applications and a broad range of microscopy and imaging digital documentation processes.

The Right "Black & White"
Even though fluorescence microscopy is ultimately concerned with using the best combinations of excitation and emission spectra of dyes, the cameras used for the fluorescent microscopy imaging are designed to provide maximum sensitivity and clarity. The Olympus black & white camera range includes the F-View II and DP30BW, with features such as fast frame rates and CCD readout speeds, high-resolution and extreme sensitivity. These provide clear and dependable fluorescence microscopy images, minimising the chances of cell damage and fluorescence fading.

The Best of Both Worlds
Olympus also offers a choice of universal cameras for both life and materials science that provide both colour and black & white, including the DP71 and ColorView III. Using the latest interface technology, high-sensitivity, colour fidelity, fast acquisition rates and superior contrast, the Olympus universal microscopy imaging cameras unite unrivalled performance in brightfield- and fluorescence-imaging. This means that these cameras are especially suitable for applications such as pathology, where faithful colour reproduction is essential.

cell* and analysis software
All digital cameras in the Olympus range are fully compatible with the Olympus cell* and analysis imaging software, resulting in market-leading image acquisition, processing, analysis, evaluation and report generation. Each software family presents a range of solutions especially designed to further enhance image quality during live viewing with flexible and easy-to-use functionality. This is ideal for even the most demanding applications that require frequent report generation, such as pathological examination as well as inspections of electronic parts and industrial materials.

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Posted on December 14, 2007

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