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New Olympus DP20 Digital Camera for Microscopy

The new Olympus DP20 digital camera for microscopy is the latest camera concept, offering a smooth, easy-to-view live display of high-resolution images at 15 frames per second and standalone operation.

Image quality is consistent when integrated with either a high-definition UXGA monitor or projector, and is ideal for all imaging requirements within teaching and industrial environments.

Capable of being operated by either the convenient standalone control unit or by PC, the new 2-megapixel CCD Olympus DP20 digital camera offers total flexibility for microscopists. Since it does not require a PC for operation, it can interface directly with a monitor or projector offering great versatility when only small lab space is available or for teaching and presentations.

The DP20's advanced technology produces superior live, high-resolution (1600x1200 pixel) images, which can be seamlessly displayed on a UXGA high-definition monitor at a real-time rate of 15 frames per second. With its outstanding colour reproducibility, the system can be used to observe and record the subtlest colour differences in samples. Furthermore, the exceptional fidelity makes the DP20 an excellent choice for education and consultation or for even the most demanding applications that require frequent documentation, including pathological examination as well as inspections of electronic parts and industrial materials.

The ergonomic handset control's on-screen menu and functional key layout can be used for quick and easy image acquistion and measurement control. The focusing indicator and the addition of the new panning 4x digital zooming function, means that faster and more accurate focusing can be achieved with ease, even at lower magnifications. This, together with a calibrated scale bar and numerous measurement functions, enables maximum flexibility in imaging protocol development.

Images can be stored in different resolutions onto a up to 4GB sized Compact Flash card and can be transferred to a PC via USB 2.0. This high-speed image transfer system allows files to be downloaded and displayed using the accompanying Olympus DP20-DRV software.

The DP20 can also be combined with the advantages of the leading Olympus cell* and analySIS imaging and analysis products. Each software family presents a range of solutions especially designed to provide flexible and easy-to-use functionality for better image acquisition, processing, analysis, evaluation and report generation that are fully compatible with the DP20 system.

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Source : Olympus Life and Material Science Europa GMBH View Company Information

Posted on October 10, 2006