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DNA-FluHunter for Fast Accurate Detection of Bird Flu

Genekam Biotechnology AG now have available the DNA-FluHunter, which detects all types of bird flu H5N1, H7, H9.

DNA tests are more reliable, accurate and fast compared to serological tests, which can be imprecise and give false positives due to cross reactions. Since 1999 DNA tests have been used to screen all transfusion blood samples in Germany for HIV, HBV and HCV, as there were reports of infections due to contaminated blood which were not detected by serological tests.

Genekam DNA-FluHunter can be performed for both human and animals. Especially useful for monitoring symptomless carriers such as waterfowl which may be tested for H5N1, H7 and H9 all at the same time through DNA-Fluhunter.

Mr. Michael Ulle PR Director added "Where people do not have access to the latest technology for DNA tests. It is very simple to get the test done here by just sending 0.5 ml Blood in EDTA to our laboratory though post or courier from any part of the world. This offer may be of interest for embassy staff, international companies or travellers. The price is Euro 69, (or 149 Euro where a positive result has gene sequencing)."

This service is available now and Genekam DNA-FluHunter is also available in kit form for those who have equipped laboratories.

The company, Genekam Biotechnology AG has developed and distributed about 120 DNA tests so far on the world market. Furthermore, Genekam perform DNA tests for various viruses, bacteria and parasites for both human and animals.

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Posted on January 9, 2006