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Millipore and Oxford Immunotec Co-Develop TB Test Kit

Millipore Corporation and Oxford Immunotec Ltd. have co-developed a specially designed microtitre plate for use in clinical diagnostics kits. The new plate further advances the simplicity, cost-effectiveness and performance of Oxford Immunotec's proprietary T-SPOT™ technology.

This is the first 8-well strip-based plate customised for use in Enzyme-Linked Immunospot (ELISPOT) methodology compared with typical 96-well plates. It is more economical for users to select the number of wells they require and reduce waste as a result. Utilizing Millipore's market-leading ELISPOT technology with Immobilon®-P membrane, users can rely on the quality and accuracy of the product.

Oxford Immunotec will incorporate the plate into the second generation of its T-SPOT.TB test kit, a revolutionary new test for tuberculosis. It is set to replace the 100-year old skin test currently used to diagnose this resurgent disease. Incorporating the new plate will provide greater flexibility and improved performance, while lowering the cost of administering the test.

The two companies entered into this partnership in September 2004. Currently, the plates are in production. Under the terms of the agreement, Oxford Immunotec has exclusive rights to use the plates for in vitro diagnostics with its T-SPOT assay kits.

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Posted on September 26, 2005