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Esco Technologies Opens Office in USA

Esco Technologies, Inc. is a member of The Esco Group of Companies from Singapore and a leading manufacturer of clean air, containment and laboratory equipment.

Now Esco have opened a base in the USA, located in Philadelphia, the US operation is responsible for sales and marketing support for Esco's distributors in the US, as well as overall strategic business development in the Americas including Canada and Latin America.

The company is structured into 5 core business divisions which offer a complete range of products for both laboratory and cleanroom sectors. Esco is internationally oriented and does business in more than 70 countries either directly or through local distributors. Products are extensively independently tested and meet all major world standards. All designs and technologies are developed in-house by our dedicated R&D division, which is backed by one of the largest investments among any manufacturer in our industry. The company is headquartered in Singapore and has more than 300 employees with multiple facilities throughout Asia.

Esco Product Lines incude:
Biotechnology Equipment
- Biohazard safety, laminar flow, HEPA-filtered laboratory cabinets and equipment.
Cleanroom Construction Components
- Fan filter units, air showers and pass boxes.
Cleanroom Equipment
- Laminar flow systems for industrial applications and modular cleanrooms.
Cleanroom Garments
Performance™ reusable cleanroom garments in a wide range of styles and fabrics.

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Posted on September 19, 2005