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Deionised Water Without Capital Cost

ELGA Process Water has launched SDI Inclusive+ for companies who need deionised water but whose capital expenditure budget has been cut. SDI Inclusive+ is the latest addition to ELGA Process Water's successful SDI product range, offering all the features of the standard SDI Inclusive package with the addition of continuous deionised water quality monitoring instrument.

SDI or Service Deionisation, a simple way to water purification. ELGA Process Water supplies you with a cylinder containing mixed bed ion exchange resins which you simply connect to a tap to produce high purity deionised water. When the resins are exhausted ELGA Process Water delivers a replacement cylinder and collects the exhausted one for reprocessing.
SDI cylinders are easy to install with no training required, so you can be up and running in no time. There's no capital outlay and ELGA Process Water provides you with a book of vouchers for ongoing cylinder regeneration. Once you have used them all you just purchase another book.

Take out an SDI Inclusive+ rental agreement and ELGA Process Water will supply you with a duty and spare cylinder, a connection kit and a choice of water quality monitor from the entry level battery operated MiniBIP, to top of the range digital instruments with communications facilities to suit the most critical applications.

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Posted on August 25, 2009