Puritan Customization Capabilities

ELGA LabWater Engineers the Next Generation of Ultra-pure Water Systems

ELGA LabWater’s PURELAB® Ultra – the world’s most intelligent laboratory water purifier – has just got smarter. An evolved generation of the best selling laboratory ultra-pure water purification systems is now available – and it incorporates many unique and innovative features and delivers purity beyond 18.2MO.cm.

The range still has its familiar five models: the Genetic and Bioscience models for life science applications, the Analytic and Ionic for ultra-trace and trace analytical work, and the Scientific for general laboratory use. The purification technologies are the most advanced available: reverse osmosis, primary cartridge adsorption and deionisation, full-spectrum ultraviolet irradiation for microbial control and organics removal, cartridge polishing and final membrane ultra-microfiltration or ultrafiltration, to ensure removal of particles, micro-organisms and endotoxins.

The latest PURELAB® Ultra is now equipped with Labpure high capacity purification cartridges for longer life and lower running costs. These cartridges feature Cartridge Identification (CID) technology for improved traceability, quality and validation. The unique ELGA LabWater multi-stage monitoring system, including real-time TOC monitoring, gives a continuous indication of water quality at every stage of the purification process, and the electronic circuitry self calibrates to traceable standards in just four seconds every time the PURELAB® Ultra is switched on. Multi-stage monitoring means that the user knows the condition of each cartridge at all times, and has advance warning of when replacement is due. This means that cartridges can be changed at the user’s convenience and scheduled around long-run experiments.

The electronic dispense system on the PURELAB® Ultra has always been one of its most popular features, offering accurate flow control from single droplets up to 2 l/min. Now it has been enhanced by the introduction of a unique Volumetric Profile Dispense facility for easy recording, replication and speedy dispensing of multiple set volumes.

The PURELAB® Ultra range retains all the features such as PIN coded protection of critical operating parameters, fully automated sanitisation of all wetted parts and the automatic organics pre-rinse to ensure optimum quality on start-up. As an additional aid to validation – a key requirement in many laboratories – ELGA LabWater offers a pre-designed validation support manual to meet GLP, FDA or other validation protocols.

The PURELAB® Ultra is still backed by the most comprehensive service support and training network in the world – wherever you are.

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Posted on September 17, 2007