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Neogen Launches Semi-quantitative Aflatoxin Test, Improved Lateral Flow Reader

Neogen has developed an even easier method to accurately determine the general level of possible aflatoxin contamination in corn.

Neogen’s new Reveal® for Aflatoxin SQ is the easiest and quickest quantitative test available for aflatoxin, a carcinogenic toxin in grain. In a format similar to a home pregnancy test, all a tester has to do is immerse a test strip into a sample after a simple extraction. In only 5 minutes, Reveal for Aflatoxin SQ can return sample test results in the ranges of: less than 10 parts per billion (ppb); 10 to 20 ppb; or greater than 20 ppb using the Reveal AccuScan™ III System.

"Our new semi-quantitative Reveal test is an even easier tool to accurately screen corn for aflatoxin, the most widely regulated mycotoxin in the world," said Ed Bradley, Neogen’s vice president of Food Safety.

Neogen’s new test adds to its line of aflatoxin tests, the broadest available. Test formats range from the extremely simple Reveal test strips to a highly-sensitive fully quantitative test capable of rapidly detecting aflatoxin in numerous samples simultaneously at the FDA’s 20 ppb standard for most human food, or 4 ppb—the European Union’s regulatory standard.

To complement its expanding line of simple test strips and devices, and greatly simplify accurate record keeping, Neogen has also introduced the improved Reveal AccuScan™ III System. Like previous versions, the AccuScan III system consists of a lateral flow test reader combined with a personal data assistant (PDA), and intuitive data management computer software. Unlike previous versions, the new AccuScan III provides an easier user interface, significantly improved test reading times, self-calibrations, and a more robust unit housing.

AccuScan provides an easy method to objectively read, store, and analyze results from Neogen’s line of lateral flow tests for pathogens, mycotoxins, food allergens, dairy antibiotics, GMOs, and ruminant material in animal feed.

"Lateral flow tests are extremely popular in the food industry because they are very quick and easy to use," said Bradley. "AccuScan eliminates the subjectivity that can exist with interpreting the lateral flow devices, and provides a permanent result that can be incorporated into a company’s food safety plan, such as HACCP. Quick and easy test results are good. But, permanent, traceable results are often necessary."

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Posted on October 29, 2007