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BioDtech Launches Endotoxin Research Products

BioDtech, Inc. (BDTI) are launching three new products, which are designed exclusively for the detection, neutralization and removal of endotoxin. All products are derived from the same chemically synthesized compound: Factor C sushi peptide. These new products eliminate common critical issues associated with current methodology. They provide scientific researchers with the ability to eliminate the effects of endotoxin contamination.

EndoDtec-F™ can be used to uncover bacteria on surfaces, in environmental samples, injectable drugs or medical devices. It is compromised of a 34 amino acid chain (Factor C sushi peptide) with a rhodamine tag for detection. EndoDtec-F™ has high specificity for gram-negative bacteria and high accuracy for endotoxin (gram-negative bacteria) detection.

EndoZap-R™ is non-toxic and can be used as an anti-microbial. This product is compromised of the same amino acid chain as EndoDtec-F™. EndoZap-R™ is used to deactivate or neutralize the biological effects of endotoxin in aqueous solutions.

EndoBind-R™ has high binding strength for endotoxin. This multipurpose product covers a broad range of conditions with no special equipment or buffer requirements. EndoBind-R™ effectively removes endotoxins from aqueous samples.

These three products are aimed at the research market and provide the ability to not only detect, but also to neutralize and remove endotoxins and can provide both quantitative and qualitative results to the end user.

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Posted on March 28, 2005

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