Speed up your multi channel pipette calibration

Labtronics Inc. has now added the Pipette Tracker Pro+ software to the Pipette Tracker product line-up. The Pro+ edition adds support for direct interfaces with SpeedCal or MCP multi-channel pipette calibration weighing systems, allowing laboratories to save significant amounts of time on their pipette calibrations.

'When used with the 12-channel Sartorius SpeedCal balance, the Pipette Tracker Pro+ software enables users to verify the calibration status of a variable volume 12-channel pipette in approximately 10 minutes rather than the hours it can take on a regular balance, ' says Mike DeWitte, VP of Labtronics, Device Integration Group.

Pipette Tracker Pro+ connects and controls the Sartorius SpeedCal through an RS232 interface to automatically activate, tare and light up the channels on the balance indicating which positions to dispense the next sample into. Once the OK button is pressed, all channel weight data is recorded at the same time and automatically converted to the correct volume. Pipette models from 1 to 64-channels can be calibrated using the software to guide the user through the pipette calibration process.

The software can also connect up to 5 Mettler MCPs simultaneously and prompt the user when to move the next sample to the next balance, cycling through all channel´s volume-samples until finished.

Other enhancements introduced with Pipette Tracker Pro+ include:

  • Enhanced processing speed

  • New Test Plan setup option to run variable volume calibrations from ‘Highest-to-Lowest´

  • New balance number format setting

  • Empty Vessel volume setting for multi-channel weighing systems

  • Redo any sample set in the multi-channel system (MCS) calibration window

  • New Balance command buttons to send the Calibrate or Tare commands to the SpeedCal balance

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Posted on April 29, 2008