New universal tips for biomek and multimek systems

Beckman Coulter have introduced P50 Tips for the company’s Biomek 3000, NX and FX and Multimek liquid handlers.

These new narrow-length tips enable pipetting from the bottom of deep labware, for maximum retrieval of valuable samples. The disposable, non-conducive P50 Tips are ideal for work in both 96- and 384-well formats, in applications such as compound library profiling and assay development, MALDI-TOF plate spotting, sample pooling, plate replication and hit picking.

The new tips pipette a volume of 50 µl with barrier and are certified to be Rnase/Dnase-free. They are offered presterile, presterile with barrier or nonsterile.

"These new tips are the second offering in our new line of liquid handling consumables," explained Robert Lund, Systems Business Manager for Beckman Coulter."The high quality of these disposable tips is ensured by our comprehensive validation and certification processes at a systems level."P50 tips are configured with Biomek software and are compatible with a range of deep well plates and tubes.

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Posted on March 9, 2005