Coliscan and eca check the first and the latest in chromogenic media

Micrology laboratories L.L.C. is pleased to present ECA Check®, a new chromogenic medium for E. coli (dark blue), other coliforms (light blue/grey to purplish), Salmonella spp. (green), Aeromonas spp. (pink) detection and identification in food, water and other test samples.

ECA check Medium
ECA Check Medium - Mixed Culture with E. coli (dark blue), Coliform (light blue/grey), Salmonella sp. (Green) Aeromonas sp. (pink).

Micrology Laboratories exclusive Easygel® technology allows the creation of a solid pour plate without any autoclaving or water baths (NO temperature shock to target organisms in test samples means more accurate results). Results can be obtained as early as 14 hr. incubation time.

If you are interested in true 'rapid methods' combined with accuracy, low cost and no output or wasted time on expensive instrumentation, call Micrology Labs toll free (888-EASYGEL). For more information and samples and visit their website at (Click on 'our methods' -> 'new media' for photos, and 'FAQ' for many details about the chromogenic media.)

Coliscan Easygel
Coliscan® Easygel® with dark blue
E. coli and red coliform colonies
Dr. Roth of Micrology Laboratories (and RCR Scientific Inc.) pioneered development of chromogenic media, and was the first in the history of microbiology to invent, patent and market a solid medium for E. coli and coliforms using different colored enzyme substrates. (ColiChrome, 1990).

The first medium was trademarked Colichrome®, (now Coliscan®) and is currently widely used in the U.S. and world-wide in the areas of water testing, food and beverage testing and in Research and Education.

At least two U.S. companies produce media for E. coli (blue color) and coliforms (red color) in which the red color is produced by a non-enzyme specific compound so that any bacterial colonies which form in these media will grow as red, regardless of whether they are coliforms or not.

Numerous patents protect Coliscan® and ECA Check® technology against duplication, so potential users should carefully check the formulation of media which are offered.

Micrology welcomes direct orders at Media are available in both Membrane Filtration and 'Easygel' formats.

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Posted on July 7, 2008