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Microbiology International Introduce New High Capacity Systec Autoclaves

large capacity Systec autoclaves
Microbiology International releases a new line of high capacity Systec autoclaves, the HX series. These large volume autoclaves range in chamber size from 210L to 540L.

The HX series is front loading and has the same options available as the current V & D series; including quick-cooling for liquid sterilization, pre and post-vacuum for waste and instrument cycles, ADS software for extensive documentation and many more.
These autoclaves come equipped with an integrated steam generator for rapid heat-up times as well as a touch screen interface for creating and storing sterilization programs. The new HX series is also available as a pass-through, double-door autoclave.

Please contact Microbiology International at 800-396-4276 or visit us on the web at for additional information.

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Posted on March 22, 2010