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Systec Advanced Laboratory Autoclaves Address Liquid Sterilization Pitfalls

Systec autoclave range
The new line of Systec laboratory autoclaves seeks to eliminate some of the most common pitfalls associated with sterilizing liquids. While this is a basic application, the science behind correct liquid sterilization is anything but basic.

During a liquid sterilization cycle; most autoclaves measure the temperature inside the chamber - not the temperature of the liquid being sterilized. This introduces a major process error due to the fact that the chamber temperature will reach 121oC before the liquid does. A laboratory technician has no way of knowing if the liquid reached sterilization temperature or for how long.
Because the liquid itself is its own sterilization agent, it is therefore imperative the autoclave measure the temperature in the liquid and not in the chamber. To facilitate this, Systec autoclaves come equipped with a flexible PT100 temperature probe allowing users to safely and accurately ensure their liquids reach 121oC.

The PT100 probe can be placed into a reference bottle in the chamber and once the liquid reaches sterilization temperature the microprocessor will then start the countdown for the defined sterilization time.

Most liquid cycles end at 80oC; although the chamber may be 80oC there is no way of knowing how hot the liquids are. If the liquids are still at or above 100oC when the autoclave is opened the liquid will rapidly expand into steam; risking boil over, cracked or explosive bottles and possible serious injury to the user. Measuring the temperature in the bottles with the PT100 eliminates that possibility.

The Systec autoclaves will not allow chamber access until the liquid is at a safe temperature of 80oC or lower. This process not only replaces guess work with traceability, it also replaces risk with safety. The importance of accuracy and traceability for autoclave performance is increasing and to meet this need the PT100 temperature probe in Systec autoclaves can be calibrated to NIST standards by US based technicians.

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Posted on July 16, 2009