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New PetriSphere Generates an Anaerobic Atmosphere in Less Than 3 Minutes!

BioTool AG has introduced the PetriSphere™ system a rapid oxygen depletion system, which offers a flexible, automated and cost-effective alternative for the generation of atmospheres suitable for culturing anaerobic, microaerophilic and capnophilic bacteria in commonly-used anaerobic jars.

The PetriSphere can generate an anaerobic atmosphere (O2<0.05%) in less than 3 minutes and consists of a microprocessor-based controller and a diaphragm vacuum pump. A gas reservoir connection allows the user to replace the air with either nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The level of oxygen depletion desired, gas exchange pressure and the number of cycles can be specified by the user and easily programmed in advance using a keypad.

The automated process is then started by simply pressing a button.

Further time-saving is possible as the system uses quick connect adaptors. The PetriSphere lowers costs by reducing the amount of consumables required. The system is able to operate without sachets or catalysts and decreases the handling costs associated with supplies and waste products.

Josef Macaluso, Director of BioTool AG, was enthusiastic about the benefits of the system. "The PetriSphere gives the user the right atmosphere, quickly and reliably. The potential for cost reductions make it a welcome addition to many labs involved in anaerobic bacteria testing".

For more information visit the BioTool website or contact BioTool using the contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on September 13, 2007