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Highly Affordable Automated Petridish Filling System

Petriswiss Mini PS20

The new Petriswiss Mini PS20 from Biotool AG is a uniquely affordable and compact automated petridish filling system.

Offering facility for applications including dish feeding, single dosing, stacking and dish discharging the Petriswiss Mini delivers precise high-throughput automated operation to enhance the productivity of your laboratory. The system can load twenty 90mm dishes with agar and restack them back into the Petrirack™ stacker in only 2 minutes. Built to the highest Swiss quality standards and with self-monitoring of all device functions the Petriswiss Mini provides unmatched operational reliability.

Equipped with intuitive intelligent software (in German and English), accessible via a convenient touch screen, any user can be productively using the Petriswiss Mini after minimal instruction.

Drawing upon many years experience of the needs of laboratories and through consultation with leading researchers, BioTool AG has developed a new generation of high quality instruments with enhanced performance and reliability to accelerate the workflow in your laboratory.

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Posted on January 31, 2005