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Reduce RSI with CappAero™ Comfort

A major cause of repetitive strain injuries and user discomfort as a result of pipetting is an excessive workload of the thumb. The CappAero™ Comfort reduces the thumb workload up to about 70 % compared to other manual pipettes.

As a result, the user can work much more efficient and with a higher precision.

Available as Standard, Color and SoftLine, CappAero™ Comfort has a tip ejection lever, letting the other fingers take over a large part of the workload, and at the same time reducing the force needed for aspiration and blow-out to a very minimum.

The CappAero™ Comfort is of the same uncompromised quality as the other Capp® pipettes, and is built to withstand the often tough conditions in the lab.

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Posted on February 21, 2008

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