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Two Companies Partner to Develop Bio-Threat Detection Systems

Innovative Biosensors, Inc. (IBI) of Rockville, MD, a company developing rapid, ultra-sensitive tests to identify harmful pathogens and BioVigilant Systems, Inc. of Tucson, AZ, a company delivering a family of optically based point monitoring solutions announced they will team to develop, manufacture and sell an integrated biological threat identification system for implementation in biosafety environments.

Under the agreement, BioVigilant will provide integration services, as well as its biological detector capabilities, while IBI will provide the collection and identifier components via their BioFlash platform.

IBIs proprietary BioFlash biological identifier is rugged, portable, and incorporates a high-volume aerosol sampler. The well integrated technology provides rapid, specific and sensitive identification of up to 21 biological threat agents in single test or multi-test formats in less than five minutes.

IBIs BioFlash has, for the first time, integrated the processes of collection and real-time
identification; and this collaboration will allow our customers to further exploit its unique
capabilities, said Scott McGill, BioVigilants Vice President, Security Business Unit.

BioVigilants patented point trigger solution provides real-time, high sensitivity, 24/7 bio-monitoring for a range of environments including clean rooms and indoor facilities, as well as challenging outdoor deployments. BioVigilants patented particle by particle assessment method allows its end users to fully assess a given environment or threat condition.

'The technology platform being developed by BioVigilant has the potential for significantly
enhancing the processes that commercial, government and military organizations use to monitor and control environments, said Rick Thomas, Vice President of Business Development for IBI. Furthermore, the ability to provide results continuously and in real-time is critical to cost effective and rapid warning to meet the needs of clients.

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Posted on January 21, 2008