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Loopamp: Nucleic Acid Amplification Kits

Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (Loopamp) is a novel gene amplification method using a single enzyme under isothermal reaction conditions. It offers extremely high sensitivity and specificity due to the use of 4 primers recognising 6 distinct regions of the target gene sequence.

The amplification cycle comprises two stages:
    1. Copying of the target gene to form the characteristic dumbell structure which is the starting point for the Loopamp reaction. The formation of the dumbells is a continuous process, working simultaneously with the amplification reaction.

    2. Isothermal amplification builds upon the dumbell starting unit to form long strands of alternately inverted repeats of the target molecular sequence on the same strand.
The isothermal reaction conditions of the Loopamp method allow for the continuous amplification of target genes, rather than being restricted to short periods of amplification as seen in PCR cycling. This allows for the amplification of much larger quantities of nucleic acids in a shorter reaction time.

Production of huge quantities of nucleic acids (109 -1010 within 15-60 minutes) produces a visibly turbid solution following the Loopamp amplification. This allows the results to be read by eye without the requirement for extra detection steps or expensive equipment. However, some laboratories may wish to use the Loopamp RT Turbidimeter for high throughput use.
Simple procedures, rapid results, increased specificity and minimal laboratory equipment are all advantageous for researchers using nucleic acid amplification techniques.

Loopamp DNA & RNA amplification kits are the ultimate in convenience:
  • Pre-optimised to the ideal working parameters, amplification kits ensure accurate results with minimal time and effort.

  • The Loopamp amplification process uses 4 primers, resulting in exceptional specificity - this is ideal for SNP analysis.
Researchers can custom design primers using Eiken´s intuitive Primer Explorer software. The use of this software along with Loopamp amplification kits allows scientists to develop assays required for their specific research purposes.

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Posted on July 20, 2009