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Novel Technology for DNA and RNA Amplification

Mast Isoplex®
A recent advance in Mast's Molecular range has led to the introduction of Mast Isoplex® DNA and Mast Isoplex® RNA isothermal amplification kits. These latest innovative additions to an exciting range of laboratory molecular tests, allows simple assay design and convenience for laboratories and researchers with busy testing schedules.
Mast Isoplex® employs a novel loop-mediated isothermal amplification method (LAMP), offering a rapid, robust and simple approach to amplifying target gene sequences whilst eliminating many of the practical limitations of PCR. By using a free web-based primer designing tool, or commercially available software packages, LAMP can be used with your own custom-designed primers

The amplification cycle comprises two stages:
  1. The use of four primers, recognising 6 distinct regions to specifically amplify the target sequence to create the characteristic dumbbell structure

  2. A further two loop primers are utilised to exponentially increase the quantity of amplified material, forming long strands of alternately inverted repeats of the target sequence on the same strand.
Isothermal conditions (60-65°C) allows continuous amplification of target genes, removing the restrictions of short periods of extension seen in PCR, thus producing up to 1000 times more product in an extremely short reaction time, typically between 15-60 minutes. Mast Isoplex® is less prone to inhibition than conventional PCR, making it ideal for use in complex samples such as blood and faeces.

Results can be read by eye without the requirement of expensive equipment, or in Real-time on cyclers with a FAM setting for labs with high throughput requirements.

Mast Isoplex® nucleic acid amplification kits are available in 48, 96 and 192 test formats, providing the ultimate convenience, with pre-optimised reagents to the ideal working parameters, ensuring accurate results with minimal time and effort.

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Posted on February 26, 2013