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'ease the flow™' with the MAST® Urine Screening System

MAST Urine Screening System

The MAST® Urine Screening System is based on direct, multipoint inoculation of urine samples onto the surface of media in 96 well microtitre trays.

The MAST®Urine Screening System consists of plates for both antibiotic susceptibility and bacterial identification. The plates come in convenient, ready to use packs - each plate being fully quality certified and may be used in conjunction with the mastascanelite™ automated reader or read manually using the MAST GenAssist™ software. The number of antibiotics and level of identification are under full user control.

A formal study on several thousand urine samples in a routine hospital microbiology laboratory, showed that 95% of urine specimens were reported within 18 hours - resulting in reduced turnaround time for both antibiotic susceptibility and bacterial identification.

96 specimens of urine can be inoculated in just 5 minutes and the results read and reported on mastascanelite™ in less than 30 minutes.

The MAST® Urine Screening System is highly cost effective for urine screening, both in terms of materials and labour permitting every laboratory to ' - ease the flow™' of work associated with the high throughput of urine samples received daily.

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Posted on April 20, 2004

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