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DNA Strip Technology

MAST is pleased to announce the award of exclusive distribution rights to sell the DNA Strip Technology products manufactured by Hain Life Sciences of Germany.

The Hain DNA Strip Products use a simple three-step procedure of DNA Isolation, amplification and hybridisation for rapid detection and identification of bacteria to species level. The technology is also applied to a range of tests associated with Human Genetics.

  • The entire procedure is very fast and simple, permitting detection and identification within 3 hours from obtaining a sample.
  • One common protocol using an array format enables many analyses to be performed simultaneously on a single strip.
  • Diagnosis can be made from a positive colony or culture for microbiology, or blood sample for genetics.
  • The use of an amplification step ensures a high specificity with maximum sensitivity.
  • All kits contain internal controls ensuring accurate and reliable diagnosis.
  • Implementation costs are minimal, permitting even low throughput labs to perform their own testing.
  • An automation option and larger pack sizes are also available when analysis of higher numbers of samples is required.

Microbiology tests include Mycobacteria, MRSA, Enterococci and EHEC. Genetic tests are available for Factor V, MTHFR Polymorphisms and APO-E alleles and PAI-1.

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Posted on April 5, 2004