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GenoQuick MTB Simple, Rapid PCR for M. tuberculosis Screening

MAST Group have launched the new Hain Lifescience GenoQuick MTB assay. The GenoQuick MTB offers laboratories a simple and rapid test for Mycobacterium tuberculosis screening.

The 3 hour PCR assay can be used on a range of pulmonary & extra pulmonary samples and has a high sensitivity and specificity due to the use of a highly conserved MTB complex specific DNA target. Post amplification detection is performed using a lateral flow dipstick with in built amplification and conjugate controls to ensure reliability of results.

The simple procedure allows laboratories of all levels of expertise to use the GenoQuick MTB to obtain a result far quicker than conventional methods.

For further details on the GenoQuick MTB, please click here.

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Posted on March 15, 2010