British Thoracic Society Recommend PCR for Atypical Pneumonia Infections

Recently updated guidelines by the British Thoracic Society have been published in the October edition of Thorax.

In the publication it details that, where available, PCR tests should be performed for investigations into atypical pneumonia infections in hospitalised patients.
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MAST Group currently offer the Seeplex Pneumobacter ACE tests for the identification of typical and atypical bacterial infections, including S.pneumoniae, H.Influenzae & M.pneumoniae, from sputum and other respiratory samples.

The Seeplex group of products offers customers a single platform for multiple test parameters. The Pneumobacter ACE kit is complemented in the range of Seeplex kits with multiplex assays for respiratory viruses (5,12 & 15), meningitis, diarrhoea and STI´s amongst others. The simple to use, rapid, easily integrated platform enables laboratories to implement a lean testing protocol that can reduce hands-on time, staff training and also help make best use of laboratory space.

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Posted on November 16, 2009

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